Room Size Rug Buying Guide

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Before you buy your room carpet, here’s a buying guide with shopping tips for your room carpet. Before you head out the door to look for a new decorative rug, ask yourself the following questions.

Where are the floor mats placed?

This is one of the factors that determine the basic appearance of the carpet. Provide different rooms for different people living in different parts of the house. For children’s rooms, brightly colored carpets with cartoon patterns are a favorite of children. For the elderly, they usually prefer simple room-sized carpets over complex ones. For the living room, the design of floor mats is carried out according to the design of walls and furniture. Or, if you want carpet to be the main attraction of the floor, use something that contrasts strongly with the color of the wall.

Determine the purpose of the carpet

Will the carpet become the centerpiece of a room such as a living room or dining room? Or the carpet will complement the design of the room it is in. Depending on the purpose of the carpet, the design and materials used will vary. If the carpet is placed in a living room or area with a lot of people, use an area pad made of durable material. Do you encounter splashes or moisture in the kitchen and other rooms? Then buy a rubber rug so that it lasts longer. Or place it near the door to catch dust, and get a mat with a texture that can catch dust. Nylon floor mats are a good choice because they can withstand the traffic of people.

Choose the right size carpet for the room

Although you are purchasing a room-sized carpet, the area of ​​the carpet does not have to be the same size as your room. In the bedroom, the bed and closet usually take up 20-50% of the room. Since we don’t place our furniture on the carpet, a few small pieces of carpet or about 30% of the room are enough to decorate the room.

To measure the size of the carpet, measure the open space where the carpet is placed. If you place the carpet in the center of the room, a small gap of 5-10 inches from the exposed floor is usually the norm. However, if you put the carpet under your furniture (such as a bed), you should leave an extra length of 50 cm – 1.5 m for all sizes of beds. If you place the dining table on it, leave at least 30 cm margin at the edge. This allows the chair to be pulled apart and still rest on the carpet.

Buy decorative patterns for rugs online

Before you leave the house, find a design you like and find a floor mat that matches your home decor. There are several reputable online stores that specialize in selling regional floor mats for your room. Usually they post a picture of the floor mat. Scroll through them to understand what the carpet on your floor looks like. Once you have chosen the decoration, you can visit the store to feel the texture of the carpet and finally determine and enjoy a pleasant shopping experience.

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