Persian Rugs – Buying Guide

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Indeed, handmade Persian carpets are both beautiful and mysterious, especially if we want to take away the story of the carpet, the lover came here from a long distance and took the lover from the tyrant guard. It is really difficult to judge the authenticity of Persian carpets. That is why you should go to a respected Persian carpet dealer, known for their trade and expertise in handmade carpets. I also hope that this person has many years of experience.

For newbies buying Persian carpets, buying from closed sales and travel auctions is the worst. In those places, they have a large number of products to choose from, and the prices are very low and they are very eager to buy. But you need to know some very important things. Usually these are outlets that handle rejected goods, and at the bottom of the page they offer no real savings. This is the right place to implement the “Buyer Attention” policy.

Personally, I recommend that you do business with direct importers of handmade Persian carpets. This is a place where you feel comfortable, where you can get good service, where all your questions are clear and straightforward. Professional answers. The staff should be able to tell you where the carpet was made, its age, fiber content and even, why not, its history. Most importantly, you must be able to find honesty and integrity. With all this in mind, I cannot stress enough the importance of requiring a Certificate of Authenticity.

If you’re feeling stressed, just walk away. At a good Persian carpet dealer you can view as many carpets as possible. Some even allow you to take the rug home and feel it in your own interior. If you don’t like it, you can return it within a time frame agreed by both the trader and the buyer.

I am often told that Persian carpets are very expensive. The value of an object is in the eyes of the beholder. Handmade Persian carpets are indeed more expensive than machine-made carpets, and taking all factors into consideration, it will end up being much cheaper. In addition, there are handmade carpets for all budgets and tastes. Go shopping to find a Persian rug that suits your budget and taste. The best place to start is the online store, where you can find a wide variety of handmade Persian and Oriental rugs, varying in quality, taste and price. They are usually sold at discounted prices in order to move them as quickly as possible. Most dealers will explain to buyers how the carpet is made, where it is made, age, fiber content, knots per square inch, and most importantly they will deliver the carpet to your home for free. You can experience your own interior design. This feeling , if you decide you don’t like it, you can return it at no cost to you. This is the real way to buy. Or you can visit several carpet stores in your city the traditional way until you find a carpet that suits your taste and budget.

Now that you have found the right carpet, you are faced with a new dilemma. Which size should you buy? Well, the easiest rooms to cover are the entryway, living room, and bedroom. However, there are two areas in the house that are sensitive to size. One is the hallway. The only way you can cover a narrow and long hallway is to use runners that have to cover the entire length to cover. You can’t make it too short and too long. The shortest runner you can afford is about a foot on either side. Nothing is shorter than this. You can’t own it anymore, otherwise you’ll have to roll it down or pull it out of the hallway to install it properly. Either way, you steal its beauty and decorative value. In the case of a restaurant, the Persian rug should be large enough to cover the entire bottom of the table. In addition, you should leave one and a half meters around it so that the chair can move without being caught by the edges of the table. carpet.

As you now realize, buying Persian carpets can be quite a challenge. However, if you find a distributor you can trust, it will be interesting and informative. You will find that when you search for that exact carpet, you learn many new things, making the purchase of Persian carpets based on knowledge, not just likes and dislikes.


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