How to Buy Rugs to Suit Your Home Decor

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Accent carpet is an important aspect of decorating a home. Here are some tips for buying home decor rugs. Before starting, it is important to define the meaning of the term “home decor.” In our case, the term refers to the entire decorating style of each room: the colors used, the decorating style of the furniture, the wall decoration and the floor, and any home decor and decorative furniture you have.

Accent carpets for accent furniture

The reference to key furniture gives us the right to use the carpet at home in a first way. Placing accent furniture on top of a small rug can make it stand out and get more “accented.” Such accent carpets should look good and can match or contrast with the floor they are on.

If there are many patterns on the carpet, the key carpet should be self-colored. If the main carpet is plain weave, the beautiful pattern will look good. However, deciding what type of carpet you want is one thing, but buying it is another – and this article is all about buying a carpet.

Buying carpets: potential problems

When you leave the house, you may have everything in mind, but once you arrive at the store, the following questions may arise:

  1. What exact color do I want?
  2. I don’t see a 30 inch round rug – are other sizes okay?
  3. Which model have I chosen?
  4. What is the exact color in the pattern?
  5. Does it matter that the color is approximate?
  6. That trim looks good – does it look good in my room?
  7. Plus many other features you might think of. How do you solve these problems?

Accent rugs: color issues

The first is color. It shouldn’t contrast too much with the surrounding color scheme, or it will sting your nerves over time. For example, if you have a plain brown carpet, you can use a cream carpet. Otherwise, you can use a cream carpet. The red carpet looks plain, with light orange or even black carpets. The actual shadows are not important as long as you have an idea of ​​the approximate type of contrast required.

If you have an extra piece of material about the right color, you can take it with you. Another problem is metamerism. That’s where different light sources make colors look different. For the type of color contrast we are considering here, it should be less important. The rug may look a little different in your home, but keep in mind that this is an accented rug, and it won’t go with anything exactly.

Size problem

Write down the minimum and maximum size of the carpet that looks good. Don’t just consider a size to hit the store. If you can’t find a round or oval rug, prepare a square or rectangular rug. 4×2 feet are small carpets, and they’re usually 3×5, 4×6, 5×8, and 6×9 feet in size – and then on larger carpets, these carpets aren’t the point.

Before shopping, understand the correct size. Also familiar with the regular sizes of round, oval, and rectangular rugs. Then you know that there is no option for the desired size in the store. Do your research online first.

Never change your thinking in the store.

Don’t add anything to the borders and patterns other than what you have already decided at home. If you can’t find a carpet that suits you, never buy a carpet that doesn’t meet your predetermined specifications, then go home and think twice. Don’t change your mind in the store.

When used to line out certain areas of a home, accent rugs look good. For example, if you have a room divider in the center of a large room, you can place it on a large accent rug. This way, the arrangement looks more like it belongs to it than it is somewhere in the middle of the room.

Use the same apples for specific areas of the room for specific purposes. For example, if you have a separate living room outside the TV area, you can place a coffee table and a few chairs on the accent carpet. For example, you can use one as the base of the console in the hallway. Putting accent furniture on top of your accent carpet will make it look better.

When buying a rug to match your home decor, make sure that the color, design, and size are okay. Then make sure you look good and highlight all the items on it.

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