Carpet Buying – A Beginner’s Guide

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The reason carpet is so popular with homeowners is obvious: it gives a certain warmth and beauty to the home without being too expensive. It exudes an air of luxury and comfort and offers features that most bare floors cannot offer: noise reduction and heat insulation, so that the space has a certain sense of calm and comfort.

Buy carpet

Before you buy a rug, think about where you will put it. Consider using light-colored carpets in areas with little traffic or walking, such as bedrooms and dens. For areas that require a lot of use, choose medium tones, such as taupe or dark beige. Dirt and stains from these colors will not be too obvious.

Dark carpets provide a strong, dramatic look, but they are also more likely to show things like dust, lint, and pet hair.

You need carpets that will last for many years and withstand wear and tear, so look for carpets with strong and twisted fibers. Whether made from synthetic or natural materials, these carpets can withstand more wear and tear and last longer.

Look for long fibers or “fluff” – they don’t shed too much, and you don’t have to worry about carpet fibers flying around or finding directions on other surfaces. To test for loss, use your fingers to dig out the surface of the carpet and drag it across. If you notice very little fiber sticking to your fingers, it means the carpet is keeping its main body, which is a good choice.

“Cut pile” carpets have shorter fibers and can be very fashionable, but they can easily reflect use, like footprints. The fibers also have natural curves and if you brush them in the opposite direction during use, some areas may show other, deeper shadows.

Your fiber choice

There are many options for carpet fibers made from natural and/or synthetic materials. Which one you buy will depend on what look you want, where you will be using the carpet and your budget.

Natural wool is your best choice. It is not only durable, but also feels soft and provides good cushioning. It is also the most expensive carpet material, with prices ranging from $30 to over $100 per square foot. Even in high traffic areas, this type of fiber can withstand continuous use. It is also easy to clean as it has natural anti-fouling and anti-fouling properties. You will not have any color problems as it is easy to stain.

Synthetic fibers are also a very popular choice for carpets. These are usually acrylic, polyester, olefin and nylon. Acrylic fibers are sometimes used with natural wool because they have similar properties. Polyester is a cheaper option and feels very durable and luxurious. Olefin, also known as polypropylene, is an excellent choice for outdoor carpets because it is resistant to mold and moisture. Nylon, like olefin, is also resistant to mold and moisture and has become another popular choice for carpet fibers due to its elasticity and durability.

carpet cushion

Most homeowners prefer to install cushions under the carpet to improve elasticity and softness. Cushions are available in natural, synthetic and polyurethane materials, but be careful when buying a cushion that is too thick as it will make the carpet too soft. Look for a strong, dense material that is about 3/8 inch thick or thinner.

Replace carpet

Carpets that wear out often should be replaced every five years. If the fabric wears too much or it is difficult to remove stains, this may be less. These rugs are located in high traffic areas such as the kitchen or living room. Otherwise, most carpets usually don’t need to be replaced for up to 10 years.


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