Care and Cleaning Tips: How to Maintain Your Oriental Rug

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Luxury rugs go beyond anything in your home: they are a work of art. But they are not hanging in the exhibition hall, but a perfectly feasible part of your room. An expensive painting by Salvador Dali will not let you rot unattended. Treat your carpet in the same way.

As with any major business, insurance and support are essential. When buying a luxury carpet, you should make every effort to ensure that it is beautiful and that it can be used for a long time in the future.

There is no need to be confused to protect your carpet. Learn about the basic improvements you can take today to keep your carpet running:

Keep away from direct sunlight

This technique may be a simple decision, but this simple principle can prevent your oriental rugs from maturing prematurely. The sun can obscure the usual brilliant shadows. This will make your carpet look clean and dull. If your carpet is in direct sunlight, add full curtains or consider modifying the room.

Use carpet pads

Knowing how carpets furnish your room is a rewarding experience. While your family and visitors will respect your incredible preferences, keep in mind that every rug needs a decent place.

A carpet pad is placed under the carpet to prevent slipping and injury. Consider buying carpet pads at the same time you buy carpet. Remember that not all floor mats are the same. They can be of different sizes and shapes and are made of different materials. Some carpet mats are best suited for hardwoods, while others serve only as upholstery.

A quality carpet pad can prevent the filaments on the back of the carpet from slowing down the floor. They can also keep the extra impact of ordinary people.

Remove stains immediately

You are promoting a large gathering. Everyone creates special memories. Then, at that moment, it happened. One of your visitors spilled red wine on your carpet. If your first sweater or dress has stains, take it to the laundry room as soon as possible. Follow the same basics as your carpet. Try not to leave stains on your oriental carpets, no matter how many stains there are. For tips on how to get rid of a pile of stains from nail cleaning to dirt, visit this old house to learn how to deal with carpet stains directly.

Customize your carpet and furniture

If your fine rug is in a typical space, such as a living room or family room, you’ll need to rotate it regularly to even out the miles. If possible, consider moving your oriental rugs to areas with less trade. Likewise, if furniture is placed on the carpet, you will need to move the furniture occasionally.

Professional cleaning service

Constantly have your carpet cleaned or vacuumed consistently. Sand and other small particles are part of the most prominent enemy of precious carpets because they are rough and darken the appearance. While home care is important, consider having your carpets professionally cleaned once in a while.

Constantly complete the necessary ingenuity to make you cleaner. Just because they are a carpet cleaning company doesn’t mean they master the most important information about oriental carpets. Luxury carpets are made of high-quality materials such as wool or silk.

A beautiful tailor-made suit has no place in ordinary washing machines and dryers, and your luxury carpets should be in the hands of skilled hands. Look online and if you are looking for a cleaner expert carpet, don’t hesitate to ask a clear question.

Oriental Carpet Care Guide

Oriental carpets are carpets that start from the carpet tape. This is a region stretching from Morocco in Africa and the Middle East to the focus of Asia. These units are produced with a variety of materials, including cotton, wool and silk. Most oriental rugs are handmade, which makes them both important and expensive. When you buy carpets, you should throw them away so that they can be used as much as possible. To take care of you, here are tips on what to do with carpets:

Watch out for passersby

Nothing can harm the carpet more than pedestrian activity. Fleece and cotton rugs are strong and can withstand a lot of traffic in this way, but silk rugs are powerless. To secure silk rugs, do not place them in traffic jam areas, such as vestibules or passageways, during rush hour. Look for carpets in high-traffic areas (such as rooms) during low rush hours. You can also hang rugs from dividers instead of laying them on the floor.

For woolen and cotton carpets: take off outdoor shoes when entering the house to protect them from traffic. People who don’t wear shoes or socks walk more gently than open-soled traffic. Taking off your shoes can not only fix the carpet, but also prevent the carpet from getting messy.

In addition to doing this, you should also protect the underside of the carpet from damage by applying cushions. To obtain the desired result, you need to enter a high-quality pillow.

Clean the carpet regularly

To deal with dirt, stains, dust and organisms, you need to clean the carpet consistently. To properly clean the carpet, you need to do several things:

What you should do is use a vacuum cleaner before wet cleaning the oriental carpet. Vacuuming is a great advancement as it can remove large amounts of waste and make the cleaning cycle easy. Vacuuming also helps to remove free dirt from the carpet.

Another thing you should do is use the right cleaning products. As a general guideline, choose items that remove residue, stains and microorganisms. To obtain the desired effect, choose items that are suitable for the carpet. If you don’t know if the item will damage the carpet, please test on the side of the carpet first. Some cleaning supplies are expensive; therefore, if you have a frozen stone and many carpets to clean, consider combining warm water with a mild liquid detergent.

While you can clean cotton and wool oriental rugs at home, try not to clean silk rugs at home – leave them to an expert to clean and clean them.

To keep the carpet looking immaculate, make sure you remove any stain. You can use many items. Shaving cream is proven to easily remove wine stains, while flour is proven to be effective at removing oil stains. If you are trying to remove a particular stain without any progress, get an expert to investigate.


You should take good care of your carpet and try not to go to the store every now and then. When it comes to cleaning the carpet, it is best to leave this to an expert. Although the expert will be adept at cleaning oriental carpets, he/she will also solve any problems in the carpet.

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