Buying New Carpet

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Buy new carpet

We recommend keeping it simple by looking at the 4 main styles of rugs,
• Stack cutting
• Frisian’
• Walk (also called Berber) and
• Pattern

If you can start by choosing the “style type” (one of these four types), and understand the industry trends and the price range of different products in the price range, and then start narrowing the color gamut, you will leave to quickly choose a new carpet.

Cut-Pile is the standard carpet product commonly seen in many homes in the United States. It can be very cheap or very expensive or somewhere in between. It can look clean on the top and visually have a smooth surface.

Frieze’ is a curly yarn that usually looks more casual in a room or home.

Loops or Berber can be useful in some houses, but if the seam fails, if there are obstacles, it will look very ugly.

Patterned rugs can have a very beautiful and fashionable look. These are often some of the most expensive types of carpets simply because sometimes complex styles require manufacturing costs.

Try narrowing down your search by choosing a style, then start narrowing down the price, quality, and finally pick a new carpet color.

For example, suppose you finally saw the Frieze carpet. It will meet your lowest expectations for thickness, it has what we call a soft “hand feel”, and best of all it has a 20 year performance warranty. Frieze’s carpet has also been recognized by the designer community for providing longevity and the cost justifies the added expense of this look. It comes with a guarantee that is highly stain resistant – remember that no carpet is completely stain resistant, but some carpets are more resistant to stains than others. The latest yarns are highly stain resistant and can remove the most common household stains such as red wine, coffee and even bleach. Therefore, in some families it is not a bad choice.

Another option is a patterned carpet. Under the same weight, the cost of patterned carpet seems to be about 10-30% higher than standard cut pile, but the beauty of patterned carpet is very attractive and it is often a very durable style. Some of them are beautiful floral patterns, tropical look, basket weave style, waffle style, etc.

Buying New Carpet, How to Start the Process and Make Great Decisions for Your Project

Choosing a new carpet can seem overwhelming. If you think about the standard process: drive to the big box or floor shop and check the samples; borrow the samples; then find that they look different at home, now repeat the process two or three times, or until you find the best color, and you match the existing furniture, wall colors, curtains, etc.

Some people are not good at choosing colors. Maybe you are, maybe you aren’t, but sometimes there are colors, styles and trends that you may not realize. Homeowners have a lot of losses – that is, their investment has just been spent on a new floor, if they choose poor colors or outdated styles. Can you imagine home buyers having to choose the next home based on the type of flooring installed when looking at the house? Well, believe it or not – people believe it!

If you have a list of ten houses to look at and two of them have brand new carpets, this will immediately be at the top of the list you want to consider.

If you’re a homeowner, you’ll want to pick something you like, not necessarily as simple as “host beige cut pile,” but perhaps a patterned rug or a bolder color. As a homeowner, it will be interesting to see all the new carpets in different colors. Newer carpet styles somehow also have the best color lines. It seems that over time the technology has changed and improved, and the coloring and painting techniques have also improved.

Make sure to start the “Carpet Color Preview” as soon as possible. In fact, if you happen to be in an area or store where the floor is sold, hang out in that department, if not for something else, just look at the product color. The next time you buy a lamp or plunger, you might as well go to the flooring department to check out the colors of the latest products.

For the best price, we still hope to recommend the quality to a competent supplier in our region, who has a good reputation for customer friendliness. Instead, we like to start a “bid war” with two reliable companies (maybe three). This allows different suppliers to share their best products with you. Keep in mind that you should check out the upgrades and downgrades of products in your favorite categories to make sure you find the perfect balance between price and performance. In addition, your final decision should also consider the best installer. I hope the company you’re considering has a website with photos of actual job sites, products, and installations that you can view to verify the quality you’re looking for.


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