8+ Famous Types of Persian Rugs

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The world is full of career and haste. The world is constantly changing over time and has a fundamental impact on people. The progress of innovation has a leading position in the present era. The current era is also known as the computer era. Today, home decoration is the mainstream, and individuals are studying it. Home decoration is a craft and everyone is excited to be active in their homes and offices. Regional carpets are famous and incredible decorations from this time. They are soft and pleasant and increase your life expectancy with their appearance and highlights. These carpets can be realized quickly all over the world and can be obtained quickly via the internet. Persian carpet is a type of room carpet. They are old fashioned and imaginative. They have a solid foundation and use it to make improvements. The floor covering has a strong and eye-catching shading scheme that can add flavor to your property. The carpet is delicate and the chain is very long. The mat has a unique shot method, which is great and special. These rugs are great for decorating any room in this world. They are ideal decisions to beautify your place. In this article we will discuss Persian carpets and their known types.

What is a Persian carpet?

Persian carpets are the most sensitive and seductive of regional carpets. They have extraordinary interests and individuals like to use them. They started in Pakistan, Iran, India and Afghanistan and delivered them to the rest of the world from these countries. These carpets have different lacing strategies, both new and old. A decent and best Persian carpet has about 500 bundles per square inch. There are many types of floor coverings, and they are mostly new, with a bright spot and characteristic. They are quickly available in different styles and decorations. Powerful and attractive, these plans increase the appeal of the space. They are of very good quality and hand tied with pure wool. The weaving cycle of these carpets is tedious and requires a lot of investment and heavy work. Persian carpets embody the society and virtues of Iran and Pakistan in their planning and weaving. The carpet is soft and surprising. They are perfect for lighting up your space and they will make an incredible extension to your home.

Types of Persian Carpets

Persian carpet is a famous regional carpet. The carpet is creative and strong. They have an elegant combination of shadows and beautiful plans that enhance the excellence of the scene incredibly. The carpet is soft and hand tied together with pure wool and various things. They are very sturdy and can accompany you in your home for a long time. There are many types of carpets, which are well known, and people like to buy and use them. Following are some famous Persian carpets.

1. Tabriz carpet

Tabriz carpets are the most famous and most basic Persian carpets. They are more expensive than very different types of carpets. Tabriz is an ancient city in Iran, and it is probably the largest city in Iran. These carpets are classic and imaginative, mainly made of wool and silk. They are readily available in various sizes and shapes. The major shades of these carpets are blue, green and ivory. These tones are very interesting, and they can add appeal and class to the scene. Floor coverings are realistic and vegetal examples, beautiful and creative. The nature of these carpets is exciting. Buy a cute Persian carpet from Tabriz and appreciate it to transform your home.

2. Shiraz Carpet

Shiraz carpets are one of the most popular Persian carpets. They have incredible interests and are known for their uniqueness and excellence. These rugs have a strong and shaded feel and are perfect for adding shine and vitality to the whole area. The floor covering is hand lapped on the wool facility with pure wool. They are very soft, pleasant and very suitable as a floor covering. The carpet even has plans and samples that look cozy in the house. Shiraz is a tribe in Iran and the locals weave these rugs for hours with bare hands. They followed these routes not to complete the job of the machine, but to consolidate the carpet. The regular Shiraz pillow is limited to 300 bundles per square inch, which is great. These plans have few flaws and portray creativity and hand knitting. Grab a lovely Shiraz rug and change your attitude.

3. Abad carpet

Abad carpet is also a Persian carpet. Like different types of carpets, these carpets have new and unique highlights. They are soft and hand tied with pure hand bent wool. These carpets are known for their floral and mathematical examples. Floor coverings come in different sizes and shapes, and people like to use them to decorate their homes. They are not expensive and you can include them in limited financial plans. Their quality can change the overall look of the room and they are perfect for enhancing the splendor of your space. Purchase a beautiful Abadeh pillow and turn your home into a stately castle.

4.Ardabil carpet

Ardabil carpets are relatives of Persian carpets. These carpets are incredible and famous for their beauty and style. Carpets come in different shapes and sizes, which are perfect for decorating any place. The cushions have a low pile, are not very heavy and are not particularly large. These carpets have attractive and current calculation plans. They were hand tied with pure wool near Kashan, Iran. Compared to different types of Persian carpets, they are not difficult to transfer and maintain. Get the amazing Ardebil rug and find it in your home to add appeal and class to your space.

5.Afshar Carpet:

Afshar is an ancient clan in southeastern Iran. The clan makes these carpets for an all-encompassing period. They are unique and have unconventional highlights. These rugs are inexpensive and you can quickly incorporate them into your spending plan. This Persian carpet is known for its powerful and innovative plan. They are quickly accessible on the Internet in various sizes and shapes. The main shades of Afshar carpets are red and blue, and they are also incredible. The carpet has a logo or circle in the center as one of its unique features. Buy an attractive Afshar floor covering and appreciate the transformation of your home.

6. Hamadan carpet

Hamadan carpet is a beautiful and rich Persian carpet. They started in Hamadan, a city in Iran. There are clans in town that are good at weaving pillows. The floor coverings are hand-banded with pure wool and follow the coarse weaving process. They can be obtained in various sizes and shapes all over the world. The obvious shades of these rugs are dull, navy blue and red. They have a small heap and math examples that look great. The color is regular, composed of herbs and vegetables, and 100% natural. They have a calm tone, which makes the atmosphere in the room relaxed and lively. Buy a great Hamadan toad and change your position.

7. Sultanabad Carpet

Sultanabad carpets are the most perfect and attractive Persian carpets. They are widely accessible from one side of the earth to the other, and you can also get them on the internet. These carpets have a strange binding process and are also very soft and pleasant. They are hand tied together with pure wool and people like to use them to enrich their homes. They quickly open into ever-changing sizes and shapes. They have warm tones and can create a calm atmosphere on the spot. The carpets are decent and you can get them without affecting your financial plan. Their quality is second to none and you will enjoy using these charming Sultanabad rugs.

8.Sarouk carpet

The Sarouk rug is a beautiful Persian rug. They are quiet and have all kinds of compelling and powerful examples. They are known for their thickness and they are undoubtedly pleasant. Sarouk rugs have a beautiful layer of consistency, which is a sign of value and strength. The excellent shades of these carpets are cream, blue, orange and red. The passageways and living rooms they use to house your home are huge and extraordinary. Their free-riding strategy is very old and they are all hand woven. Grab the dazzling Sarouk carpet and decorate your spot.

9. Isfahan Carpet

Isfahan is a beautiful city that can be used in Iran. This small town is perfect, with great projects, sights and mountains. Isfahan carpets are a mainstream Persian carpet that is quickly accessible via the internet. They are not expensive and you will receive them quickly. They are readily available in different sizes and shapes, and you can get the size you need in a similar way. The carpet is made of pure wool that has been lapped together by hand. The tile decoration of Iranian mosques makes the decoration of these carpets creative and dynamic. These plans are usually floral and have many good considerations. Buy a creative Isfahan pillow to decorate your home beautifully and easily.

10.Nairn carpet

Nain carpets are traditional Persian carpets and have generated a lot of interest, especially in the UK. Nain is a beautiful city located in the east of Isfahan. This is an ancient city with the oldest mosque on earth. The beautiful shades of these carpets are mostly pink, ivory, rose and light shades. The weaving strategy is great, there are several layers of rope inside. Assuming there are fewer layers, the thickness of the carpet will be more noticeable; otherwise it will be light. They are not expensive and you can get them quickly from the internet. Choose a lighter Nain floor covering and change your attitude.

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